Bizarre Food Trends Of 2019 That We Hope Don’t Make It To 2020

In 2019, people on the internet went all out in the name of fusion food and came up with weird food combinations that raised many eyebrows. And with them coming up with unusual food combinations, it gave birth to #BizarreFoodTrends.

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Here are some of the iconic combinations that we hope never make it to 2020.

Disclaimer: Trying these can earn you a spot in hell!

1. Dosa Masala Burger

Out of all the people in the world, we didn’t expect McDonald India to disappoint us like this. McDonald went too overboard and ended up drawing the ire of the public. They introduced ‘Dosa Masala Burger’ which is a fusion of dosa and burger. They also serve it with super healthy whole wheat buns and a ‘tangy rasam sauce’ minus the coconut chutney.

2. Dal Makhani Cappuccino

If ‘Dosa Masala Burger’ wasn’t enough, here’s ‘Dal Makhani Cappuccino’ to irk your soul. A 5-star-hotel in Chandigarh came up with a blend of dal makhani and coffee and described as ‘a soup with steamed foam over it’.

3. ‘Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi’ 

While Gulab Jamun with Rabri or Vanilla ice cream is a match made in heaven, Gulab Jamun curry sounds as strange it can be. A Twitter user posted a picture of ‘Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi’. While some wondered whether to eat this sabzi with roti or whether it was still a dessert, others were so devastated that they reported the picture under ‘disturbing content’.

4. Gulab Jamun Pav

Looks like people were not happy by spoiling our appetite by introducing Jamun Ki Sabzi’. Some decided to stuff the ‘most loved dessert’ in a pav and the results disturbed ‘Vadapav’ lovers online. FYI, there is something called ‘Gulab Jamnu Pizza’ that’s topped with dry fruits and edible flower petals. I am sorry to do this to you!

5. Santra Maggi

Someone messed up with our bae, please call the food police. It was all okay to give it a touch of desi masalas, and put in loads of veggies and top it with cheese or even eggs. But why add orange slices to a pot of instant noodles? Taking their creativity to another level, some even made it sweet by adding milk and rose petals. How frustrating!

6. Kurkure Milkshake

After gulab jamun pizza and milk Maggi, here’s Kurkure milkshake to spoil all your childhood memories. Someone did this ‘gunaah’ of having Kurkure dipped in milk (as a shake) and even tweeted a picture of the dish. We just want to unsee this picture right NOW!

7. Kaju Katli With Ketchup

Remember how our favourite character, Joey devoured on the traditional English ‘beef’ trifle that Rachel made on Thanksgiving? I don’t think even he would like to taste ‘the king of sweets’ dipped in tomato sauce. Bear Grylls and Andrew Zimmern will be so proud of this person for attempting this stunt!

8. Idli Dipped In Chai

Forget about having the South Indian staple food with sambar, chutney or gunpowder, this Reddit user tried idli by dunking it in a cup of tea. And apparently, he liked it too.

To be fair, most of these extreme ‘fusion’ food are examples of people fooling around on the internet, trying to evoke amusing responses from the junta. Yeh public hai, yeh sab jaanti hai! While it’s hilarious, let’s admit it: it spoils your appetite.

We just hope this trend dies in oblivion! Now let me have my soanpapdi in peace. *dips in green coriander chutney*