Santra Maggi Has Now Surfaced & Twitter Is Asking, “Can We Unsee This?”

When it comes to comfort food, Maggi is bae. We don’t have to be chefs to make it and we can enjoy it any time of the day (or night). Also, each one of us has a unique style of cooking it.

Some people stir in desi spices for an extra kick, some add veggies to it but others do really weird stuff like fix broken sinks with it or make it sweet by adding milk and rose petals.

According to The Indian Express, Twitter user @potathoe69 recently shared another bizarre creation that is being called “Santra Maggi”. The picture shows a pot of instant noodles being cooked with orange slices. Check it out.

This is certainly not the first time an experimental dish has been shared on the micro-blogging site. A while back, we saw Gulab Jamun Pizza topped with dry fruits, Kurkure milkshake, and Gulab Jamun Vadapav as well. But in all of these previous cases, people were not impressed.

This time too, everyone facepalmed in frustration and wished they could delete this image from their minds.

What is your favourite way of preparing Maggi at home – with melty cheese, protein-packed eggs, hot red chilli flakes or spicy tabasco sauce?