Desis Can’t Get Over The Physics-Defying VFX Used In This Hilarious TV Scene

Hindi TV serials have mastered the art of defying both physics and logic with their jaw-dropping dramatic sequences. Picture this: a couple casually discussing dinner plans while plummeting down a cliff, as if gravity is just a suggestion. Meanwhile, in another episode, a wife is convinced her husband has undergone an unexpected transformation into a chicken.

In another bizarre scene from a Hindi TV serial named ‘Nazar’, we see a woman who probably is an evil witch, holding a toddler hostage with her long hair on top of a bus over a cliff. Her hair goes on to toss the toddler off the cliff while his parents are horrified, running towards him.

However, the toddler is casually chilling while he falls down the cliff. It is hilarious to watch!

Have a look:

Several people online were amused by how crass the VFX used in this scene was! However, many thought the VFX used here was way better than ‘Adipurush’. IYKYK! 😛

With each absurd twist, these shows challenge not only the boundaries of sanity but also our ability to keep a straight face!

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