Ranchi Woman Suffered From Painful Period Cramps, So Food Delivery Guy Brought Her Meds

I think we tend to not give food delivery executives enough credit for what they do on a day-to-day basis for us. Be it during this insane heat or during chilly winter nights, whenever we crave food, they arrive at our doorstep with our package. In many cases, they aren’t even offered a glass of water. In some cases, they encounter rude behavior from customers. But I’m pretty sure, that if a customer asks them for a favour and if it is within their means, they would go out of their way to help them.

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For example, a woman from Ranchi named Nandini shared how she was experiencing sharp period cramps and couldn’t walk to the medical store. So she ordered food online and asked the delivery guy to buy her painkillers on his way to her address. And so he did!

I had sharp cramps and couldn’t walk to the medical store, so ordered food on Swiggy and asked the delivery agent if he could buy me a medicine. He was really kind enough to get me one. I made sure to tip him and thank him for his kindness,” she wrote on X along with a picture of the medicine.

Have a look:

Several people online lauded the delivery guy for being so incredibly kind. He didn’t have to do that because of his tight schedule, but he did and that’s humanity.

Such delivery executives need to be appreciated more! 🙂

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