‘I Have Done So Much Work That I Can’t Remember’: Hema Malini’s Video Sparks Meme-fest

Hema Malini, the Bollywood icon turned Mathura MP, has mastered the art of political theatrics. With a camera-ready smile, she poses alongside labourers, pretending to understand their daily struggles while comfortably dressed in her designer attire. At other times, she wields a broom for a quick street-cleaning photo session.

In fact, she has done so much work for the benefit of our society that her memory fails to recollect. That’s right! In an interview, Hema Malini claimed that she was confident that she would win the upcoming election because she had done commendable work and people were very happy with her.

“So many roads and so many things I have done which I can’t recollect now. I don’t remember much but bohot saare kaam kiye hai,” she says.

Have a look:

This one video of hers was enough to start a massive meme-fest online, especially ones related to exams and vivas! Have a look:

Hema Malini’s role as the glamorous MP from Mathura is certainly one for the silver screen!

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