Vadodara Doctor Refuses To Continue Treatment Of Pregnant Woman, Reveals Why He Did It

An NT (nuchal translucency) scan and a double marker test are two important tests for pregnant women. The NT scan uses ultrasound to measure the thickness of the fluid at the back of the baby’s neck, which can indicate the risk of certain chromosomal abnormalities like Down Syndrome. The double marker test measures certain hormones in the mother’s blood to further assess the risk.

These tests help doctors identify potential issues early in pregnancy, allowing for informed decisions and appropriate medical care. Getting these tests done gives expecting parents peace of mind and helps ensure the health of both the mother and the baby.

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However, one doctor refused to treat a pregnant woman in her 30s because she refused to get an NT scan and a double marker test done after taking advice from her “non-medical” friends. The doctor, Rajesh Parikh is a gynaecologist who has been in this field for 30 years and is based out of Vadodara.

“Just as patients have a right to choose their doctors, doctors have the right to refuse treatment, except in emergencies. I turned away a pregnant patient in her 30s who, ignoring medical advice, refused an NT scan and double marker test (crucial to rule out common chromosomal defects) based on advice from non-medical friends,” he wrote on X.

He further revealed that all his attempts to reason with her were futile, after which he advised her to seek a different doctor for treatment.

“After futile attempts to reason with her, I advised her to seek a doctor who would indulge her misconceptions. As a doctor and especially as an obstetrician, never ever let the patient dictate you the treatment/ management. Youโ€™ll be the one facing the consequences in court, not them. Just say a blunt no and ask to seek another caregiver,” he added.

Have a look at his post here:

There were a couple of other doctors who shared similar incidents of patients refusing to follow their course of treatments and how dangerous it can be for doctors if the patient undergoes a complication at the last minute. Several others expressed that what the doctor did was right. Have a look at some of the reactions here:

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Pregnant women, it’s crucial to prioritize your and your baby’s health by taking the NT scan and double marker tests. These tests offer valuable insights into the well-being of your pregnancy, helping detect potential chromosomal abnormalities and other risks early on.

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