Woman Makes ‘Milk Maggi’ With Rose Petals, Twitter Says ‘Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi’

Remember the hostel days when the ‘2 am wali Maggi’ always rescued us from the crazy hunger pangs? Even though years have passed, the uncompromised taste of the dish still temps us to go to the railway station or the nearest ‘tapri’ that serves the best Maggi and chai. It is no mere dish, but an emotion for many millennials who take a trip down memory lane recalling the ‘good old days’ when they survived (despite abysmal hostel food) on 2-minute noodles.

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Every die-hard Maggi lover would have tried many versions of this easy-to-make comfort food. There are some who like the classic version while others try to improvise it by adding cheese, veggies and even an egg to it with a dash of our favourite Indian spices.

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But one woman decided to go all out with the dish most millennials are fiercely possessive about and came up with a ‘not so appetising’ version of the instant noodles.

She shared the recipe of ‘sweet Maggi’ with milk and rose petals and it has offended netizens–TO THE CORE!!

There were also some bravehearts who were ‘okay’ with this recipe and expressed interest in recreating the “disaster”.

Well, to each their own. But if she is done ruining the beautiful memories that we had with the dish, can we get the extra masala pouches?

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