Forget Gulab Jamun Pizza, Kurkure Milkshake Has Now Surfaced & Twitter Says, ‘Gunaah Hai Ye’


We know, dear foodies, how you might have cringed on the sight of the ‘Milk Maggi’ or the ‘Gulab Jamun Pizza’. Believe us, we are with you on this. But we are ought to keep you updated with the realities of this cruel world. Hence, we have a disheartening piece of news for all you die-hard foodies, especially those of you who adore a deliciously rich milkshake thick with ice cream.

GIF source

After ruining our appetite with the ‘Kaju Katli-Tomato Sauce’ combo, Twitter has yet again disappointed us with this weird, ‘Kurkure Milkshake’. Yes, someone somewhere is having Kurkure dipped in milk (as a shake). The horror unfolded when a twitter user tweeted a picture of the dish.


Obviously, the foodies online weren’t pleased by the trend of people killing their foodgasm with weird food combinations. And, the user had to face backlash from angry fellow foodies.


Someone did this too:

FYI, some people liked the idea:

I think we have seen more than enough of these weird food combinations. Can we just stop already?

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