‘Happens To All Of Us’ Support Pours In For CNBC Reporter Who Mistakenly Cursed On Live TV

The role of a reporter is undeniably demanding, especially amidst scorching Indian summers. While we sit inside air-conditioned rooms, they brave the relentless heat outdoors to bring us the latest news. Enduring both the sweltering temperatures and the relentless pressure of deadlines, reporters often shoulder immense stress. And it is very natural for us humans to have a moment of weakness while facing such pressure.

For example, CNBC-TV18 reporter Ashmit was live on television when he was reporting the ongoing Patanjali case in the Supreme Court. However, he made a grammatical error while speaking, mistaking ‘seeks’ for ‘soughts’, and he cursed on live television.

“The advertisement soughts…seeks…soughts kya hota hai bhenc**d?” he said.

Here’s a video of the incident:

CNBC-TV18 went on to publish a public statement on social media claiming that the reporter “inadvertently used inappropriate language not realising he was on air” and apologised for the mistake.

However, several people online came to the reporter’s support and expressed how such moments can happen to the best of us during a moment of stress. They asked the channel to not penalise the reporter for the mistake and to cut him some slack, owing to the heat!

A weak moment shouldn’t define the reporter’s dedication to his work, should it?

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