After ‘Milk Maggi’, Gulab Jamun Pizza Has Arrived & It’s Topped With Dry Fruits


Just when you thought that people are done trying bizarre food combinations, here is something that will make you feel sick in the stomach. After eating Kaju Katli with tomato sauce, pineapple pizza, a worm burger, Octopus ice cream and whatnot, someone just experimented with our comfort food, pizza and all I want to ask is, ‘Kon hai ye log, kahan se aatey hai?’

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Someone just posted a picture of pizza topped with the juiciest dessert ever, ‘gulab jamuns’.


The pizza appears to be topped with gulab jamuns and decorated further with dry fruits and edible flower petals.

But, WHY-OH-WHY! (crying). Well, this is how people on the internet feel about this kitchen experiment.


All in the name of being innovative? A dessert lover like me must say, please have the sweet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and stop ruining it for everyone else. Would you try it though? Tell us.

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