Somebody Shared A Pic Of ‘Gulab Jamun Pav’ & Twitter Is Saying, ‘Don’t Spoil Vadapav’!

Gulab jamun isn’t just a dessert, it’s a way of life(at least for people like me)! And people have already ruined it for us by introducing something like ‘Gulab Jamun Pizza’ a few days back.

Thanks to the weird food trends that are gaining popularity these days, people can’t stop giving their bizarre ‘creative touch’ to dishes that are close to our heart. Remember ‘Milk Maggi’, ‘Dal Makhni Cappuccino’ and ‘Kurkure Milkshake’?

It all this wasn’t enough, someone shared a picture of Gulab Jamun Pav recently on Twitter which has left people flabbergasted! The dish which sounds like a fusion of vada pav and gulab jamun has definitely not made anybody happy on the internet.

Have a look at how people reacted to this newly discovered ‘delicacy’!

Looking at this, I’m sure the day is not far when people will start serving Barbeque Gulab Jamun or how about trying Gulab Jamun Manchurian someday? Anyways, what are your thoughts about the dish? Tell us!