Guy Spots Zara Perfume That’s Got Notes Of Dhaniya, Elaichi & Kaali Mirch, Desis React

When buying perfumes, we would usually go for floral, citrus, woody or fruity notes. Generally, people prefer these notes because they are refreshing and attractive. Nobody wants to walk around smelling like a plate of biriyani! We say this because one particular bottle of perfume from Zara has the most desi kitchen-y notes ever!

A guy named Animesh took to X to share a picture of a perfume bottle from Zara that has notes of coriander, pepper, and cardamom. He asked the most obvious question – perfume me kaun dhaniya mix karta hai bhai?

Several people online were left in splits after seeing the picture and reading the various kinds of notes in the perfume. From puns to jokes, they had the most hilarious reactions. Have a look:

Imagine wafting through the day with hints of cardamom, pepper, and coriander and getting transformed into a walking spice bazaar! 😛

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