Someone Shared A Pic Of ‘Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi’ & Desi Twitter Is Screaming “NAHINN”

Disclaimer: This article is going to be really personal!

I’ve grown up binge-eating paranthas and home-made aloo chips. It can be safe to say that gulab jamun has been my all-time favorite dessert! So you can imagine that people who mess with any of the above-forementioned foods (each of which acts as my elixir of life) shall earn my wrath!

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But looks like our planet is headed towards destruction; first with climate change and now human tastebuds seem to be taking their dying breath with a myriad of absurd flavour combinations. While some call it ‘exotic’, others would happily point out it’s practically toxic!

Ever tried Banana dipped in Mayo or poured orange juice on cereal? Don’t knock it until you try it though because there are several people who swear by these combinations and they seem hale and hearty!

Similarly, a Twitter user posted a picture of ‘Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi’ and netizens obviously lost it!

While Gulab Jamun with Rabri or Vanilla ice cream is a match made in heaven, Gulab Jamun curry sounds as strange as a cocktail of coke and beer!

No wonder, Desi Twitter went nuts over this bizarre delicacy! While some wondered whether to eat this sabzi with roti or whether it was still a dessert, others were so devastated that they reported the picture under ‘disturbing content’.

A little investigation helped us discover the roots of this bizarre dessert cum savory dish and we found that it is a Rajasthani specialty!

In any case, if you wish to try this at home (at your own risk) here’s the recipe:

Well, looks like the day isn’t far when somebody will invent Ras Malai Tadka, Jalebi Sandwich or Gajar Halwa Ki Dal! However, we can only hope that this day never arrives! (At least mere jeeteji to nahin)