Someone Just Ate Kaju Katli With Ketchup & Twitter Wants To Know, ‘Kon Hai Ye Log?’

Bear Grylls, Andrew Zimmern and Joe Tribbiani are the people who immediately come to my mind when I think about eating bizarre foods. All the FRIENDS aficionados will remember how our favourite character, Joey devoured on the traditional English ‘beef’ trifle that Rachel made on Thanksgiving. But there is someone who went far and beyond with our beloved ‘Kaju Katli’ and we aren’t loving it.

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A picture of ‘the king of sweets’, ‘Kaju Katli’ is making rounds on the internet and it’s a sight everyone would dread looking at. A twitter user shared the image of the sweet dipped in tomato sauce. Yes, someone was actually having the sweet with TOMATO SAUCE. OMG! She captioned it: “Saw this on a friend’s IG story, I m uncontrollably shaking.”

She isn’t the only one shook by the image. People just can’t bear the sight of it and expressed their disappointment on the post.

Someone did this too. Time to leave Earth?

Looks like someone is into eating weird food combinations. Joey, is that you again?