Twitter Says Don’t Drink And Tweet, People Say, “Oops, Too Late”


Whether it is brands creatively using #FingerPointEmoji to dish out relatable memes, the police department savagely trolling drug peddlers or desi junta just sassily roasting themselves, everyone is stepping up their Twitter game. So much so that one can spend hours marvelling at the sarcastic and relatable tweets online.

People poke fun at celestial events, celebrate festivals, comment on the weather and even turn tragic situations into jokes and memes. Because what is life without a bit of humour, right?

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According to Hindustan Times, on January 11, Twitter’s official handle shared a revised version of the PSA “Don’t drink and drive”. The post now has 103,000 retweets and 390,000 likes.

While the post itself was funny, the replies it generated were funnier still. The official handle also answered some questions posed by users with its trademark hilarity and wit. Check them out here.

Having said that, the microblogging site is also teeming with positive threads that talk about hope and what depression feels like, nostalgic threads on first salary experiences and childhood memories as well as metaphorical ones that describe cities as people. It has provided a platform for people to display their talent, share sweet stories and bring together everyone in times of crisis.

What is your favourite Twitter thread of all time? Tell us!

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