Desi Twitter Floods With Jokes & Memes As #FingerPointEmoji Trends Online

Twitter never ceases to surprise us with funny and creative memes. Well, after giving us a good laugh with trending hashtags like #PleaseAWomanIn5Words or #BeforeIFallAsleep, the current trend that has the internet hooked is the #FingerPointEmoji.

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Basically, itโ€™s a series of emojis pointing at or away from a word, phrase or an element placed in the middle. Who started this trend? Well, itโ€™s debatable. But people have been creatively using the emojisย to make interesting memes. Although the trend probably started on Twitter, it soon spread across other social media platforms.

Here are some of the handpicked ones:


Confusion he confusion hai!

He has an announcement to make.

Relatable much?

Fass gaya sala!


Isn’t what the trend is about?


The dilemma..

Look who is here.

But looks like it’s not everyone’s cup of emoji.

Are you planning to jump into the bandwagon and share your thoughts with the emoji? Tell us. BTW, the fist emojis placed symmetrically are giving me (an OCD) so much satisfaction!