#BeforeIFallAsleep Trends Online As People Share Things They Do Before Hitting The Hay

I always believe the internet is the gateway to Narnia, actually even more magical and surprising. Probably that is why I keep revisiting my social media and go through hours of uninterrupted scrolling just to dig up some dirt. And your gal is not gonna disappoint you this time too.

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Like the millions of hashtags that have made it to your screens, this new trend has got people hooked. We all have our very own nighttime routine, right? Some like to do a little TLC to kick the anxiety away and get that glowing skin, others just can’t switch off the music playing in their head that has been bugging them all day.

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Well, people on the internet are sharing what they do before they hit the bed with #BeforeIFallAsleep, and trust me, this is something you don’t wanna miss.

Here’s some of them:

The struggle is real.

It’s either you or me.

We are with you on this.



What an idea!

Winter is coming.

Looking for a company?

Well, if you say so..

And still, we can’t..

I think whoever thought of this hashtag wanted to know what others were up to because obviously, he couldn’t sleep. Can you relate to these weird bedtime rituals? What do you do before dozing off? Tell us.

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