‘Please A Woman In 5 Words’ Trends On Twitter As Men Share Ways To Make Women Happy


It may be tough to understand a woman, but it’s tougher to please her! While sometimes just a small little gesture or a few kind words can make our day, on other days, even a gifted solitaire fails.

All things considered, can you imagine pleasing her in just five words? A viral trend says you can!
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The latest trend that has taken Twitter by storm requires you to try and please the women in just five words. The trending hashtag goes like #PleaseAWomanIn5Words where men are being super creative to please women on social media.

And, believe me, they are doing a great job! Have a look:




While some were clearly hilarious, the next challenge we’d like to see would probably be how to please men in 5 words! Perhaps it’s ‘Wana play PUBG with me?’ What say, guys!
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