People Are Opening Up & Tweeting Precisely #WhatDepressionFeelsLike To Them

Much has been written and talked about depression until now, still, not everybody understands the concept of this mental distress. Some call it an endless dark phase of life, some say its continuous spell of insomnia, for some it’s about ‘feeling dead inside’ while some others say its all about ‘switching off your feelings’.

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Depression is truly tough to understand, even tougher if you’ve been lucky enough to never have felt it yourself.depression, to understand what you or your loved ones are going through, and to support yourself and your dear ones in the difficult phase of life.

But, it’s indeed important to try and decode depression, so as to better understand what you or your loved ones may be going through. So, the people on the internet are trying to explain what depression feels like to them, so that fellow netizens help and have a better idea of it.

Some of the things shared by people on Twitter about depression are downright relatable to me, while some others give us a better insight into the condition. Have a look:

We hope this helped you get a better idea of depression. If you have been through it, do share your take on how loved ones or friends can help.