Singer Armaan Malik Says Justin Beiber’s Posts On Depression Empowered Him To Speak Up

The stigma surrounding mental health meant it was once the “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” of medical conditions. Fortuitously, people are gradually being more vocal about the condition that is best sorted with love, support and above all acceptance.

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When celebrities like Deepika Padukone and even Justin Bieber voiced mental health struggles, they emboldened countless others with their example. Singer Armaan Malik recently took to Twitter to share an inspiring post while confessing, he’s not been OK.

Malik revealed that it was Beiber’s own post that resonated with him and encouraged him to speak up. Take a look at what The Voice coach tweeted-

“I’ve always been honest about my feelings in general so yes I’VE NOT BEEN OK for a while now & I know my fans have been worried about me. I resonated a lot with Justin’s recent post where he said he’s battling a lot of internal issues,” Malik wrote.

However, that wasn’t all, Malik spoke of the efforts he was making to remedy it with a never-give-up outlook.

Keeping up the josh, the singer then tweeted an optimistic post-

The internet being the magical haven it can sometimes be, caused love and support to pour in from fans and peers alike, following which Armaan tweeted again acknowledging that he wasn’t alone in the struggle.

His tweets were met by a host of positive tweets appreciating his courage for speaking up-

Concern from fans and media nationwide then prompted Malik to clarify-

Going by the recent examples set by celebrities who are constantly in the public eye, speaking up and seeking support is never a bad idea. If you’re feeling particularly anxious or irreparably blue, do reach out to your loved ones for a helping hand.

More power to you Armaan!