Meghalaya Police Tweets About The ‘Rasna Drug Scam’ & It Is Too Funny For Words!

While most of us work hard at our jobs to make an honest living, there are also those who try to make a quick buck by fooling people with scams. Fraudsters accomplish this by various means like using the AnyDesk app to gain access to a victim’s smartphone, creating a fake social media profile to befriend that target or even luring them with the bait of their favourite celebrity.

In Meghalaya though, drug peddlers are trying to sell fruit drink (Rasna) powder to unsuspecting customers. And the official Twitter handle of the police is trolling them savagely! Take a look.

The tweet certainly checks all the right boxes. It informs netizens about the scam, pats the police on the back for its efforts in removing drugs from the Shillong market and is witty AF!

People are loving this funny take on the scam and are applauding the police for a job well done. Check it out.

A while back when Dhubri cops seized a truck carrying 590 kgs of marijuana, Assam Police shared the sassiest tweet to inform netizens of the bust. The men (and women) in khaki sure know how to troll people indulging in illegal activities, don’t you agree?

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