Twitter Floods With Jokes On Parents Roasting Their Kids For Not Becoming Doctors

When it comes to choosing a career, being a doctor or an engineer is considered one of the safest (or so say desi parents). With so many unconventional job options opening up across the world, some parents still express their disappointment if you go beyond the conventional path and choose a career of your choice. And it’s not just Indian parents who are all, ‘hamari baat mani hoti to aaj ye na hota’ when you choose to go off the beaten path. Well, this new trend that has taken over the internet will prove that all parents are the same.

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People on the internet are expressing how their ‘disappointed parents’ would have reacted to them not being a doctor in case of a medical emergency, reports News18. Just to give you context, people are assuming that they are on board a flight and someone needs medical assistance ASAP. One of the cabin crew announces that they are looking for a doctor and you are NOT one.

A Twitter account that goes by the handle @thedad showed how his parents would react to him not being of any use at the ‘hypothetical’ situation since he isn’t a doctor.

Comments started pouring in and people shared their version of how their parents would have reacted to their profession. From journalists to YouTube content creators and PhDs, everyone shared their version of the meme and these are relatable AF.

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I think the only parent who would have been happy here would be of Dr Zhang Hong from China who recently saved a pensioner’s life mid-air by sucking urine out of his bladder. Well, were you able to relate to anyone of the memes? Tell us.

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