People Are Taking Koala Challenge To Raise Funds For Australian Bushfire Victims

The Australian bushfire is wreaking havoc on the ‘land down under’. The deadly fire has engulfed family houses of many, hectares vegetation, wildlife, and firefighters among others causing severe devastation in the continent.

The latest reports also suggest that the bushfire has alone emitted more carbon-di-oxide 250m tonnes of CO2 much more than that of half of the nations around the globe combined.

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So many kind people out there helping our koala emergency right now ❤️🐨😭 Because koalas are slow moving creatures, it has made it more difficult and tragic for them to escape the bushfires, unlike faster moving animals like the kangaroo. That’s why so many have lost their lives in the fires or have been severely burnt on their bodies and need our help. Here are a list of wildlife rescue services who need donations if you can: @kiwildlifepark @kangarooislandwildlifenetwork @adelaidekoalarescue @wildlifevictoria @1300koalaz or, you can donate to my Koala Fund for WIRES by hitting the link in my profile and in stories. No amount is too small. Thank you ❤️ #koala #bushfiresaustralia

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Amid such destruction, people around the world are taking to different ways to raise funds for the bushfire victims in Australia. Many models are also raising donations by selling their nude pictures on social media for $10.

In one such attempt, a fitness beverage company, FITAID has initiated ‘Koala Challenge’ which asks people to hang from a bench like Koala. Every video posted on social media that shows a person completing the challenge generates a donation of $5 for the bushfire victims, reports Insider.

People are actively participating in the challenge and sharing their videos on social media. Some have also taken the challenge a step ahead by replacing the bench with another person to hang from. Check out the videos:

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Have you taken the ‘Koala Challenge’ yet? Do try and do your bit in helping the bushfire victims.

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