Steve Irwin’s Family Helps To Save & Rescue 90,000 Animals During Australia’s Wildfires

We all are aware of the devastating bushfires in Australia that destroyed vast areas of properties, displaced thousands of people and killed half a billion animals. This heartbreaking natural tragedy saw several brave souls come forward to help those in need. From serving free meals to stranded victims to offering assistance to those injured, people are now doing everything in their capacity to fight this calamity.

Like, the family of late Steve Irwin who helped save and rescue 90,000 animals in danger. Steve Irwin, an Australian zookeeper and television personality who loved helping wildlife animals, died in 2006 after being injured by a stingray. Taking his legacy forward, the Irwin family helped rescue 90,000 animals in Australia including those falling victim to the ongoing wildfire devastation, reports ABC News.

The Irwin family including Steve’s widow Terri Irwin, and their children, daughter Bindi and son Robert Irwin own and operate Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Hospital. Bindi confirmed that they are treating animals as their conservation property is not endangered by fires.

“My parents dedicated our Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital to my beautiful grandmother. We will continue to honor her by being Wildlife Warriors and saving as many lives as we can,” the 21-year-old was quoted saying by CNN.

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Our @AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital takes in animals from all over Australia. Hundreds of grey-headed flying foxes, a species listed as vulnerable, have been flown to Queensland after the rescue centre they were recovering in was at risk from fire and evacuated. Some of the orphans are now being cared for by the team at the hospital until they’re big enough to go home, and there’s no threat of fire. 🦇 In September, flying fox admissions to the hospital skyrocketed by over 750% due to drought conditions and lack of food. Flying foxes are now being drastically affected by wildfires and we’re again seeing an influx of these beautiful animals from across the country. This week, we treated our 90,000th patient. To cope with so many animals being admitted to the hospital, in 2019 we opened a sea turtle rehabilitation centre, sea snake ward and are about to complete a new bird recovery area, but it’s still not enough to keep up. We need to build a new ward for our patients. Wildlife Warriors from around the world are asking how they can help us save native wildlife, you can donate on our website , or support our fundraiser to start construction of our newest ward by visiting the link in my bio! 💚

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While the hospital has recently been busier than ever, the family is trying hard to save as many lives as possible. Their 90,000th patient is a platypus rescued from the inferno, who the family named “Ollie.”

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They also rescued Blossom the possum who eventually died despite the hospital trying their level best to save her.

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Blossom the possum was admitted to the #AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital after being caught in one of the bushfires burning in other parts of Queensland. We have such an incredible team who work day and night to protect gorgeous animals like Blossom. Devastatingly this beautiful girl didn’t make it even after working so hard to save her life. I want to thank you for your kind words and support. This is the heart-wrenching truth, every day is a battle to stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Now more than ever we need to work together to make a difference and protect our Mother Earth. For more on how you can become a Wildlife Warrior visit 💙🙏🏼

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The family thanked people for reaching out and asked them to make donations if they wished to help:

Blossom is just one of the many animals killed in the deadly bushfires. The koala population in Australia is also highly affected by the wildfires. We pray for all the animal’s well-being and hope they are rescued safely.

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