Man Wins $1 M Lottery After Losing His Home To Australian Bushfires, Plans To Rebuild It


The ongoing bushfire crisis in Australia has claimed the lives of several people and countless animals. Thousands of acres of vegetation and property have been engulfed by the raging fire in the country.

A man from Brisbane found that his uninsured family house in New South Wales was hit by these devastating bushfires. His family lost the house which they thought they would never ever be able to rebuild. But fortune turned for him as he got a call from Lauren Cooney from The Lott recently. The man who chose to stay anonymous was surprised to know that he has won a lottery of $1 million, reports HuffPost.

“He told me his family had just lost their home in the bushfires,” Cooney told ABC. “The home wasn’t insured, so this prize meant that they would be able to rebuild which initially, they thought they wouldn’t be able to,” she added.

The man reportedly told Cooney that his devasted house was “very sentimental and special to his family”. “They were going through the site looking for any special family mementos that they could salvage, but all they could find was some teacups,” she said.

The man believes that the lottery win has just come around at just the perfect time. He will use the winning amount to rebuild his family house now.

As they say, “All’s well that ends well”. So despite the series of unfortunate incidents in the country someone, somewhere got a ray of hope and we are extremely happy for him.

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