Video Shows Man Offering An Injured Koala Water & Rescuing It From Australia’s Bushfires

As bushfires continue to ravage Australia’s east coast of New South Wales, burning hundreds of houses and destroying hectares of land, animals in the forests are the worst affected. In a heart-wrenching video, a man is seen offering water to an injured Koala.

Bellangry SF Kate

Bellangry State Forest (SF) Kate on the day she was found in burnt out country by Darrel. He may have got the sex wrong, but he did the right thing by gently capturing her using a big blanket and bringing her to us. Bellangry SF Kate has burns to hands, feet, face and full singeing of her body. She arrived very dehydrated and is now in the 5 star service burns ward at the Koala Hospital.

Posted by Koala Hospital Port Macquarie on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Koalas, native to the island continent, have faced the brunt of the blaze over the past week as many have succumbed to injuries, either due to burns or smoke inhalation, reported Indian Express.

In the video captured in the Bellangry State Forrest, a man came across the injured koala and stopped to give her water. According to SBS News, the exhausted native marsupial can be seen resting on the ground surrounded by burnt-out bushland before the man, known as Darrel, offers the animal a cup of water.

“There you go, you’re so badly singed, aren’t you?” Darrel can be heard saying in the video. He then bundled up the koala in a blanket and transported it to the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. Despite being given water, the koala was still very dehydrated when she arrived at the hospital. The Koala, now named Kate, suffered burns to her hands, feet, and face – with singeing to the body.

Posted by Hack on triple j on Monday, November 11, 2019

Sadly, the situation is not the same for hundreds of other koalas in the area. “We think most of the animals were incinerated – it’s like a cremation,” Koala Conservation Australia president Sue Ashton told the New York Post. “They have been burnt to ashes in the trees.” Authorities estimate there are as many as 350 dead koalas in the area.

This is L.I.N.R. Peter ( Lake Innes Nature Reserve) who has come from the Crestwood/Lake Innes fireground. He has burns…

Posted by Koala Hospital Port Macquarie on Monday, November 4, 2019

People are all around the globe are urging others to spread awareness to help save the Koalas.

We pray the fire soon stops and all the Koalas are saved from this tragedy.

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