IAF Braveheart Wades Through Neck-Deep Flood Water To Rescue Elderly Lady & Twitter Is All Praise!


Over the past couple of weeks, several parts of India have witnessed the devastating effects of floods. 4,157 villages in Assam submerged due to the torrential rain, crocodiles were spotted on the waterlogged streets of Vadodara and routine life came to a halt in Mumbai. But amidst the chaos also came glimpses of heroes without capes going above and beyond the call of duty and helping the stranded. A cop in Gujarat rescued a 45-day baby among others by carrying the infant on his head.

Yesterday, IAF Flight Lieutenant Karan Deshmukh saved an old lady using a winch cradle and airlifted her from flood-hit Navsari area. Here is the braveheart in action, take a look.

Due to the submergence of low-lying regions in Gujarat, the Indian Air Force has deployed choppers to rescue people and take them to safer places. In this instance, the elderly woman was afraid to step into the winch cradle which is why the Lieutenant went to her himself.


Netizens showered praises on the braveheart and applauded his courage and indomitable spirit.



We salute IAF Flight Lieutenant Karan Deshmukh’s bravery and hope that people in all the flood-affected areas remain safe until the rains cease and the water level recedes.

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