Prachi Nigam Is A UP Board Topper & Yet She’s Getting Shamed Online For Facial Hair

Not just in India but across the world, young girls face relentless pressure to conform to narrow beauty standards. If they fall short of meeting these beauty standards, they are doomed to be met with ridicule and scrutiny. Even if a girl is intelligent and remarkably capable, her worth is too frequently measured by her adherence to superficial grooming norms. Girls are caught in a very damaging cycle wherein they are taught that their value lies in their appearance rather than their intellect or character.

Here’s an example of this issue. This is Prachi Nigam. She is this year’s UP Board class 10 topper with 591/600 marks. She scored a whopping 98.50%.

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However, instead of congratulating her, several people thought it was fitting to incessantly troll this teenager online for her facial hair. They stressed how she should have paid attention to personal grooming as well, alongside studies.

This kind of societal behavior tends to raise some very basic yet significant questions:
1) Why are young school-going girls being pressured to meet beauty standards?
2) Are their looks more important than their academic prospects?
3) Have we as a society become so insensitive that we are completely disregarding the possibility of her suffering from medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance?

There were many people who came to support Prachi Nigam and slammed those shaming her for her facial hair. Such standards not only undermine one’s self esteem but also obstruct the full realization of a girl’s potential. Some also lauded the girl for not bending to beauty standards and being confident in her skin.

Haters can hate. But Prachi Nigam is going to do greater things with her mind and heart! 🙂

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