IIM-A Prof Lauds Husbands Of Female MBA Candidates Who Accompanied Them For Inauguration

From a young age, women are taught this idea of having unwavering support for their husbands. They’re taught to celebrate every achievement, to stand by their side through thick and thin, and to prioritize their partner’s needs above their own. However, the same standard isn’t typically applied to men. While some may offer support, it’s not culturally mandated to the same degree.

However, at the recently held inauguration for PGPX-2025 candidates at IIM Ahmedabad, husbands were spotted accompanying their wives who were selected to pursue the degree in the institute. Some husbands had also arrived with their kids and showered support on their wives.

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Promila Agarwal, who is an Associate Professor at IIM Ahmedabad, lauded the husbands who came for the inaugural dinner and were “visibly happy about their wives pursuing MBA”.

“In times when ppl are struggling to discover individuation (not individuality) in any relationship, it was heartwarming to meet husbands of PGPX women candidates at PGPX inaugural dinner who were visibly so happy about their wives pursuing MBA. A couple of these ladies have kids between 18 months to 3 years. It’s beautiful to meet couples who don’t see career as your career or my career but career couple,” she wrote on X.

She went on to share the story of a female candidate who was pregnant with her second child when she joined the program. Her husband was holding their first child in one hand and taking pictures of his wife with another. When the woman graduated, she was holding her newborn in one hand and her diploma in the other.

In a BLP, a lady had one kid and was pregnant with other child when she joined the program. Husband was holding kid on one shoulder & was clicking picture of the batch with other hand. LKP pics are equally imp. She graduated with a certificate/diploma in one hand & second tiny baby in another. More strength & love to all these lovely ppl who are willing & courageous to walk together in uncharted territories (sic),” she wrote.

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Kudos to the women for pursuing their dreams even after having kids. Kudos to the men for being a pillar of support to their wives!

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