Doctor Shares How His Wife Is Spending ₹4.17 Lakh To Attend Friend’s Destination Wedding

Gone are the days when people were happy to be freeloaders at a wedding taking place within their families’ or friends’ circles, where they would go, eat, drink, make merry and come back home. Nowadays, attending a friend’s wedding is quite the task – one has to prepare a bachelor’s/bachelorette’s party, a bridal shower, buy elaborate gifts, fancy outfits, and what not. If there happens to be a destination wedding, be prepared to burn a hole in your pockets.

For example, a doctor named Sravan Panuganti shared how his wife is the bridesmaid for one of her friend’s destination wedding and is to spend about Rs 4.17 lakh for it. The expenses include attending the bachelorette party, bridal shower, purchasing a dress, and the travel cost of the entire family to go to the wedding.

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“Terrible thing to do to your friends, should really make your worst enemies do this,” the doctor wrote.

Have a look at his tweet here:

When asked about why the expenses for the bachelorette party are so high, the doctor revealed that the expenses included flights, accommodation and activities for four days.

Several people online agreed how annoying this is and stressed that one should say ‘no’ to such wedding invitations if they cannot afford it. Here’s how some people reacted:

Would you say ‘yes’ to a wedding invite like this?

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