Hyderabad Man Helps His Cook Buy A Cycle, Empowers Her By Reducing Commute Time

In India, numerous maids endure lengthy walks to reach the homes where they work. It consumes a significant portion of their time. Many also refuse to travel via autorickshaws and buses to save money. If they had a mode of transportation such as a bike or a scooty, they could zip to work faster, saving precious time. With wheels, they could even take on more work at different houses, earning extra income. Having their own mode of transport gives them freedom and power to move around independently, making their lives easier and more efficient.

Keeping this in mind, a man named Naresh helped his cook Neeraja to purchase a cycle. Neeraja walks 25 minutes each way to work. She works in 2 other homes too, besides his. So in total, she walks for about 1.5 to 2 hours daily. However, Naresh encouraged her to purchase a cycle.

He paid half for the two-wheeler, while she paid the other half. And now, she rides her pink cycle to work every day. This has reduced her commute time by 5-7 minutes each way!

“My cook Neeraja, walks 25 minutes each way to work. She works another 2 homes too. Totally she spends almost 1.5 to 2 hours commuting daily by walk. I encouraged her to cycle. Her initial response was that everybody in her neighbourhood will laugh and tease her. After a few months of thinking over she agreed. I sponsored half she put half and today she is riding her pink bicycle to work. Her journey time is cut down to 5-7 minutes each way!” he wrote on X.

He also shared videos of Neeraja riding her brand-new cycle inside the parking lot of the apartment complex. Have a look:

This gesture warmed the hearts of several people online. They highlighted how not only does the cycle reduce her commute time, but the physical activity will also keep her fit for a very long time.

Kudos to Naresh for this kind gesture!

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