Pencil Wars! Desis Claim Apsara Vs Nataraj Was The Apple Vs Android Of Our School Days

Back when we were in school, there existed an unspoken hierarchy, not based on grades or athleticism, but on the humble pencil! Apsara, with its sleek design and smooth lead, was used by the “cool kids” who could afford the luxury. Meanwhile, Nataraj, sturdy and dependable, was the trusted companion of the masses, the “regular” folk. Amidst the chaos, poor Faber-Castell tried to prove its worthiness from the sidelines. 😛

A conversation surrounding the hierarchy of pencils we used to use back in our school days erupted when a user compared Apsara to Apple and Nataraj to Android. If you think about it, Apsara versus Nataraj was the Apple versus Android debate in our school days!

But there weren’t just these two in the race, was there? There was the beautiful Flora, the strong DOMS, and the fancy Swisswood as well. People joined in the conversation and compared those brands of pencils to phone brands and it went something like this:

Whether Apsara or Nataraj, each pencil played its part in the life of a student, leaving a mark on both paper and memory alike. 🙂

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