Lahore Prof Receives Door From Father’s Home In India Lost During Partition, Cries & Kisses It

The Partition of 1947 tore families apart, pushing them from their homes with little but the clothes on their backs. Forced to abandon cherished belongings, they fled to unfamiliar lands, haunted by memories of what they left behind. Each item left behind was a piece of their identity, a reminder of the life they once knew.

Amin Chohan is a professor from Lahore. His family too had to flee from Ghoman Pind, Batala, during the partition. Just like everyone else, they had to leave behind everything they held dear Рhomes filled with memories, possessions accumulated over generations, and symbols of cultural heritage. However, a friend from India,  Palwinder Singh, did the most heartwarming thing for him Рhe sent over a piece of his identity.

Palwinder Singh presented him with the door of his father’s home in Ghoman Pind. The traditional wooden door travelled from Batala to Mumbai to Dubai and then to Karachi, before finally landing in Lahore where Amin Chohan lives. A video of him reuniting with his father’s door was shared on Instagram.

Tears flow from his eyes as Chohan kisses the frame. Have a look at the full video here:

The video warmed the hearts of several people online who showered the man with immense love and lauded the brotherhood shared by many people between the two nations.

Imagine the photographs which captured moments of joy and sorrow, heirlooms that carried stories of ancestors, and everyday objects that bore the weight of tradition – all lost because of the cataclysmic event.

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