Just When Vir Das Was About To Pee In Resort Bathroom, A Snake Fell From The Ceiling

Picture this: you’re in the midst of answering nature’s call aka peeing when out of nowhere, a surprise visitor decides to join the party. A snape peeps out of the commode! Just when you thought your bathroom break couldn’t get any more exciting, nature throws you a curveball. It might seem like a scene from a comedy movie but for people actually experiencing this, it is their worst nightmare come true.

For example, Vir Das was at an eco-resort recently. He was shooting nearby. He needed to pee and so, he opened the bathroom door, stood over the pot with his pants down when suddenly, a snake fell from the ceiling directly into the water tank near the flush handle!


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“Yep. Never peeing again,” he wrote while sharing a video of the snake in his bathroom while another man tries to take care of the situation.

Have a look:

This creeped out several people online who were probably desperately praying to god for it to never happen to them!

Who knew a simple trip to the loo could become such a wild ride?

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