Recruiter Rejects Applicant Because He Was ‘Shopping’ For Job Offers, Calls It ‘Desperation’

In today’s job market, it’s common for professionals to apply to multiple companies at once, aiming to secure several job offers. This strategy allows them to weigh their options and choose the best fit for their career aspirations and financial needs. It’s all about looking out for oneself in a competitive world.

However, a tech requiter who previously served as the Chief Technical Officer for took to X to share how he met a candidate who was due to join a different company in 15 days and was looking for a better offer. The recruiter declined to continue the call because while he understands the compulsion behind shopping for job offers, it is not “elite behavior” according to him.

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“Just met a candidate who said that they’re due to join some place in 15 days and were looking for a better offer. I politely declined to continue the call. Candidates, I understand the compulsions but offer shopping is not elite behaviour. It reeks of desperation and tells the world that your word is worth nothing to you. And then the only people who would associate with you are those to whom this is not important,” he wrote.

“I’m not saying I am a paragon of virtue but I have never shopped an offer in my life. And neither has any other elite player I know. It somehow never occurs. The whole vibe is just….off,” he further wrote.

Here’s a look at his full post:

However, there were several people who begged to differ. It was highlighted by many how by collecting offers, professionals can compare salaries, benefits, and growth opportunities, to ensure they make a decision that aligns with their goals. It’s a smart move to ensure financial stability.

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Here’s a look at some of the responses:

Are you someone who is okay with shopping for job offers?

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