Man Posts About ‘Junior Wife’ Job Vacancy On LinkedIn For Fun But Gets Criticized Instead

Nowadays, various kinds of posts are being shared on LinkedIn. From inspirational career journeys to setbacks, professional hacks and tips to upskill, plenty of people are creating and sharing posts that have the potential to go viral. The professional platform is no longer restricted to making connections, looking for jobs and notifying potential candidates about job openings.

However, a well-intended post on LinkedIn has been gaining the wrong kind of attention. Jitendra Singh, a software engineer, wrote an “urgent hiring” post for the role of “junior wife” to join his life. He wasn’t looking for prior experience and said he would conduct a “separate hiring” for “experienced candidates”.

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“Job style: Rest of the life. Career level: Entry level (only zero experience is preferable). Salary: confidential,” he wrote.

Under the “requirements” section, he wrote things like “Minimum of 2 years of experience in cooking”, “Have the ability to wake up at night and make Spicy biryani for me”, “Obedient and loving”, etc. and asked interested candidates to send their CVs to him.

Have a look at his full post here:

While he mentioned that his post was supposed to be funny and make people laugh, a lot of people online didn’t find it funny. Firstly, they thought that LinkedIn was not an appropriate platform to share such kind of posts where people are actively trying to find jobs or hire potential candidates. Secondly, the things he had listed under the requirements section seemed regressive to many.

Here’s how some of them reacted:

Do you think LinkedIn is the appropriate platform to share posts like this one?

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