Desis Online Argue If Hyderabad Is A Better City To Live In As Compared To Mumbai & Pune

In the race for the title of the best city to live in, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and Bengaluru often take the spotlight. But what about Hyderabad? This vibrant city often gets overlooked despite its charm and livability. Hyderabad boasts a rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisine, and a thriving IT industry. Its blend of historic monuments and modern infrastructure offers a unique living experience. With a relatively lower cost of living compared to its counterparts, Hyderabad provides a comfortable lifestyle.

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A debate on similar lines began on X (formerly Twitter) after a woman named Shweta Kukreja posted that she would choose Hyderabad any day over Mumbai and Bengaluru. She expressed that the city is underrated despite it having less traffic, a lot of greenery, aesthetics and great food.

There were several people who agreed with what she had to say but asked her not to hype the city publicly because people will start flocking to Hyderabad and make it crowded, just like what happened to Bengaluru.

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However, there were also people who disagreed with her. They said that Hyderabad is slower, hotter, and boring. According to them, food options are limited and the traffic conditions have deteriorated too. Have a look:

Do you think it’s time to recognize Hyderabad as a contender in the race for the most livable metropolitan city?

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