Scammer Tries To Trick Woman By Claiming Her Husband Is Gay, She Decides To Play Along

Scammers are really rolling out their latest blockbuster hits in the world of deceit! Fellow desi people, beware! Because today it can be something about your bank account freezing and tomorrow it can be about one of your parents being gay. From phone calls claiming to be long-lost cousins to emails promising lottery wins bigger than Diwali fireworks, they’re serving up plots juicier than chicken momos.

Here’s an example. A Pakistani woman took to X to share a hilarious story in which a scammer tried to scam her by claiming that her husband is gay. He thought that the woman’s last name ‘Habib’ was her husband’s when in fact, it was of her father’s.

The scammer called himself ‘Ahmed’ and claimed that he had been in a relationship with ‘Habib’ for two and a half years and that he didn’t know of his marriage to the woman until recently.

The woman, on the other hand, decided to have some fun with this so she played along!

She wrote that she was glad that ‘Ahmed’ reached out to her and cooked a story about how she knew that her husband was gay. She also added other twists to the story – that he has HIV and now she has a reason to divorce him and get together with her lover!

‘Habib’ is actually her father – a 70-year-old strict military man! 😛

People online had the laugh of their lives after reading the WhatsApp chat between the woman and the scammer. Here’s what they had to say:

Are you someone who deals with scammers in a similar way?

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