Nora Fatehi Bashes Feminism Claiming It Messed Up Our Society, People Online Educate Her

In our times, many misunderstand the true essence of feminism, mistaking it for man-hating or misandry. Yet, feminism isn’t about putting men down. It’s about lifting everyone up to achieve equality between genders. If one reads about feminism’s history, one will get to know what a crucial role it played in securing rights for women – education, inheritance, job opportunities, financial independence, and more. Thanks to feminism, women can pursue their aspirations just like men. It’s a movement that aims for fairness and justice, ensuring that no one is held back because of their gender.

However, too many people today are ignorant about what feminism truly means, and one of them is Nora Fatehi.


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Speaking at a podcast recently, Nora Fatehi bashed feminism and claimed that it has messed up our society. She strongly advocates for men and women to stick to their traditional roles as providers and nurturers, respectively. She further stated that women should go to work and become independent but only to a “certain extent”.

“This idea of I don’t need anybody. Feminism. I don’t believe in this shit. In fact, I think, feminism f**ked up our society. The idea of being inherently completely independent and not having to get married and have kids and not having the male and female dynamics at home where the man is the provider, a breadwinner and the woman is the nurturer. I don’t believe in people who think that’s not true. I think women are nurturers, yes, they should go to work and have their own life and be independent but to a certain extent,” Indian Express quoted her saying.

While some might call it the “old-school” and “traditional way” of thinking, for her it is the “normal” way of thinking.

“They should also be ready to take on the role of being a mother, a wife and a nurturer. Just like a man should be ready to take the role of being a provider, a breadwinner and a father and a husband. We call it an old-school, traditional way of thinking. I call it the normal way of thinking. It’s just that feminism f**ked it up a little bit. We are all equal in more sentimental things but in societal things, we are not equal. Feminism inherently, on the base level, is great. I also advocate for women’s rights, I also want girls to go to school. However, when feminism becomes radical, it becomes dangerous for the society,” she added.

Here’s a video of her from the podcast:

Responding to the video, several people pointed out how her understanding of feminism was deeply flawed. Nora Fatehi, in an earlier interview, had revealed how she is the sole breadwinner of her family and she doesn’t depend on a man for her expenses. It is because of feminism and earlier feminists who fought for women’s rights that she was able to become the breadwinner of her family and was not married off only to spend her life performing household chores while her side of the family suffered financially.

Some also said that when she is slut-shamed for her dance videos by men and women alike, it’s the feminists who run to her support. Here’s a look at some of the responses to her statements:

Ironically, many women today, enjoying the fruits of feminism’s labour, bash the movement that paved the way for their independence. They criticize feminists who continue to fight for everyday rights, unaware of the ongoing struggles faced by many women worldwide.

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