Woman Reveals Her Stalking Skills & How She Found Out Her Guy Went On A Date With Another Girl

Feminine intuition is like a secret superpower – it detects vibes even before they are visible. And breakups are like the boot camp for sharpening this skill. Women can stalk with the stealth of a black cat. And it is not because of evil intent. It is purely for self-preservation purposes! From sniffling breadcrumbs over social media like a bloodhound to piecing together clues faster than Sherlock Holmes on caffeine, a woman stalking a person, especially their potentially-cheating partners or an ex, is a masterpiece to watch.

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Here’s an example. A woman took to X to share how her guy posted a Story online with the location tag of a particular cafe. She went through all the stories and posts under that location tag and found a girl who also happened to follow him. That’s how she knew he was on a date with her. Ladies and gentlemen, meet feminine intuition!

“When he posted a cafe story on his story with the location tag and I pressed the location and went through all the stories and posts with that cafe on them with location tag and found a girl who followed him and that’s how I found out about a girl he went on a date with,” she wrote.

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Have a look:

Several people online lauded her stalking skills and asked her if she could stalk someone else on their behalf! And on the other hand, there were fellow stalkers who shared similar stories. Have a look:

So, if you’ve recently parted ways with your significant other, watch out, because women have a sixth sense that’s positively lethal. 😀

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