Kiran Rao Opens Up About Suffering Multiple Miscarriages Over 5 Years Before Azad Was Born

In India, talking about miscarriages is often seen as a taboo topic, meaning it’s not openly discussed. This silence can make it hard for women who have experienced miscarriages to share their feelings and get proper support. Many women suffer silently because of this taboo. But when more people, especially influential ones, start talking openly about miscarriages, it helps break down the hush-hushness surrounding this very real condition.

Filmmaker Kiran Rao revealed how she suffered multiple miscarriages before having her son Azad with her then-husband, Aamir Khan.

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“The year that ‘Dhobi Ghat’ was made was the year that Azad was born. And I had tried very hard to have a child. For five years, I had had a lot of miscarriages, a lot of personal, physical health issues,” Moneycontrol quoted her saying.

In fact, way back in 2009, Aamir Khan published a post on his blog notifying people how Kiran Rao suffered a miscarriage.

“I have bad news folks. Kiran and I lost our baby. Despite our best efforts we were unable to avert a miscarriage. The last two months have been a struggle for us and that is one of the reasons I was absent from the blog in more ways than one. K (Kiran) and I need time to heal. I will be away for a while,” he had written on his blog.

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When influential people share their experiences, it can encourage others to speak up too. This openness can lead to better understanding, support, and resources for women who have experienced miscarriages, making it easier for them to cope and heal.

Thanks to Kiran Rao for opening up about her pregnancy history.

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