Cuts Own Hair, Cooks Own Food, Vacuums Own Space: Imran Khan On Living A Simple Life

In India, it seems like every moderately famous person dreams of living large. Whether they’re Instagram influencers, artists, TV actors, or business folks, the desire for a lavish lifestyle is palpable. It’s like a race towards luxury, with everyone chasing after fancy houses, a team of helpers, sleek luxury cars, and an aura of wealth. On social media, we see the glitz and glam, and it becomes this aspirational goal for many. But sometimes, in the pursuit of this extravagant life, we might forget the value of simplicity.

Once living a lavish life at his grandfather Nasir Hussain’s palatial bungalow in Bandra, Actor Imran Khan now lives in a rented flat. He has surrounded himself with the most basic things – a television, a sofa and three plates. He cleans his own space with a vacuum cleaner and washes his own dishes – a quality unheard of in many celebrities today.


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“For the past five years, just from the time I separated, I moved into this space where I’ve lived for the past 5 years. I started by moving into what was an empty space. And I started bringing things into my space, basis my requirement,” Hindustan Times quoted him saying.

Imran Khan cooks his own breakfast and two other meals come from his mother’s house. He cuts his own hair too. His idea behind pursuing such a lifestyle comes from the need to have an easier existence. He not only wanted his own space but also wanted to run and manage it on his own.


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“It was about separating from those external trappings. The things which you’re told you want and you start to believe that. And it was about knowing what do I actually get happiness from. I found it to be a much easier existence these past few years. I wanted my own space. I wanted to run and manage it on my own. Again, that was from a sense of, ‘Can I do all of this stuff without getting into the external trappings?’,” he said.

His mind works very differently from the other celebrities we see today, doesn’t it?

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