Indian Sprinter Hima Das Donates Half Her Salary To Assam Flood Victims Inspiring Many!


Assam is battling severe conditions as the flood has plagued the lives of thousands of locals. A report by NDTV suggests that as many as 4,157 villages across 30 districts of the state have been submerged due to the constant rainfall. Nearly 95% of the Kaziranga National Park has been flooded causing the death of 17 wild animals in a span of just 2 days.

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In this time of crisis, 19-year-old Indian sprinter and Arjuna Award recipient Hima Das, who recently brought home 3 gold medals from different events, has taken a massive leap towards helping her home state.

According to sources, Hima Das donated half her month’s salary to flood reliefs helping victims of the calamity.

She is also urging corporates and people holding significant monetary and state power to come forward and help the state in this time of need.

Her humanitarian act is receiving a lot of praise on social media. Having set an example for citizens, there are many who are coming forward and donating their bit for flood relief campaigns in Assam and spreading awareness of the same.

We sincerely hope this inspires many who come from a place of privilege to do their bit in helping the helpless victims of the Assam floods.

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