Scary Video Of Crocodile Attacking A Dog In Flood-Hit Vadodara Goes Viral


The monsoon season is great because it brings us a respite from the hot summer. But sometimes it also causes floods and disrupts routine life. It’s not only humans that are affected by it but also wildlife. A while back, when Kaziranga National Park, Assam, bore the brunt of heavy rainfall, a tiger had to take shelter inside a shop.

On 31 July, Vadodara, Gujarat, received 18 inches of rain in 14 hours. The result was waterlogged streets, cancelled trains and scary crocodiles in the streets!

Citizens captured the bone-chilling incidents of crocodiles swimming in the floodwaters and attacking stray dogs.


As per NDTV reports, an animal welfare organisation named Wildlife Rescue Trust rescued the 3.5-foot crocodile from the Rajstambh society near Lalbaug area in the city yesterday. The reason behind this incident is said to be the flooding of Vishwamitri River which runs through the city. The river is home to 300 crocodiles and is overflowing due to the torrential rains in the past few days. The creatures were swept up by the current of the floods and reached these areas.

According to the Hindustan Times, the forest department along with local NGOs have rescued three baby crocodiles from various residential areas. Here is another one seen around Darshnam central park.

Needless to say, the videos on social media are scaring everyone.


Until the forest department rescues the reptiles and the water level recedes, stay safe people of Vadodara.

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