Mumbaikars’ Sassy Advice For Braving Flooded Streets Sparks LIT Meme Fest!


Heavy rains have hit Mumbai once again and it is only getting worse day by day. Monsoon arrived in the city on Monday and relentless rains have been predicted for the entire week. But as Mumbaikars are known for their spirit and enthusiasm, the flooded city hasn’t lost hope yet.

They have instead found a different outlet to enjoy the water-logging by sharing hilarious memes and tweets that show that they are high on ‘Josh’. Mumbaikars share pictures and videos of waterlogging with LIT ways of advising people to stay indoors! Check it out-

The stations are not deserted and Mumbai locals are on the move despite the floods, this shows ‘Aamchi Mumbai’ got guts!

Mumbai, don’t lose hope and keep flooding the internet with your wit. We are loving it!

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