Hyderabad’s Indira Park Faces Backlash For Prohibiting Entrance Of ‘Unmarried Couples’

Couples who hang out together in public parks are often faced with unwelcome stares and downright moral policing. Not just couples, but previous incidents have shown how guys playing football or women working out in public parks have been harassed in the past.

Speaking of which, comedian and writer Varun Grover recently shared a picture on Twitter showing how a public park in Hyderabad prohibited unmarried couples inside the park. The banners were put up in Indira Park.

Not just unmarried couples, “sports items” including football, volleyball, etc. were also not allowed.

Several people slammed the park authorities for putting up such regressive and unrealistic signs. They even questioned if they needed to roam around with their marriage certificates.

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Following the backlash, the banners were removed by the authorities who then went on to ask the local police to keep an eye on regular visits.

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