Elder Men Stop Youngsters Playing Football In A Park, Desis Share Similar Experiences

It is a common sight to see children and grown-ups alike run around, do exercises, yoga, and other physical activities in a district’s public park. It is a safe open space away from the busy streets in cities. However, have you ever been shooed away as a child and asked to play somewhere else by the adults in your locality?

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A Redditor uploaded a video where a group of boys playing football in a public park was asked to leave by the localities’ elder men, who said that the park “bahar ke bacho ke liye nahi hai”, which resulted in a heated argument. Check it out:

Boomer’s rant on why children shouldn’t be allowed to play in community parks… from india

Here are some of the reactions people had to the clip:

four boy playing ball on green grass
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Many other youngsters shared similar experiences of them not being allowed to play in public parks:

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Some Redditors asserted that if it’s a public park, one should be allowed to use the space to play:

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Others talked about the larger problem of there not being enough parks, to begin with, which affects children’s health and growth:

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What’s your stance on this incident? Tell us in the comments section.

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