Desis Who Gave Up Coffee Share How It Has Drastically Improved Their Lives

In our chai-loving nation, coffee has become the new ‘cool’. It’s not just a beverage; it’s a lifestyle statement. From trendy cafes to college canteens, everyone’s got their caffeine fix. We’re not just sipping coffee; we’re sipping sophistication.

However, too much of the drink can turn you into a jittery mess. Suddenly, you’re not just awake. You’re awake at 3 AM regretting every life decision, vibrating at a frequency only dogs can hear. Your heart starts beating fast, your hands begin to shake, you become anxious and probably your bowels start acting weird.

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Hence, from time to time, many people decide to give up on their favourite drink – the mighty coffee. And as it turns out, giving up on coffee comes with its own set of benefits. A woman, Sukhada, took to X to ask people, who have cut out coffee from their lives, the visible changes they are experiencing health-wise.

Reduced anxiety, better sleep, better gut health, and more energy – turns out, when you give up coffee, you get a new shot at life! You say goodbye to those rollercoaster energy levels and life goes about smoother. Also, can we just add on the amount of money you would be saving? Enough money to buy a small island if you ask me! 😛

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So, next time you’re tempted to go for that sixth cup, remember: moderation is the spice of life, not a triple shot espresso.

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