Justin Bieber & Hailey Are Expecting Their 1st Child Together, Share Pregnancy Photoshoot

As Justin Bieber evolved from the heartthrob who made us swoon over “Baby” to the mature artist serenading us with his soulful tunes, we’ve been there, growing alongside him like loyal fans turned friends.

So, when he and Hailey dropped the bombshell about expecting their first child, it was like a plot twist none of us saw coming. Yes, you read that right. Justin and Hailey Bieber, who got married back in 2018, are expecting their first child together!


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The couple took to social media to make the announcement by sharing snippets from their pregnancy photoshoot. It seems like Hailey is far along in her pregnancy, with a visible bump showing.

The photoshoot took place on a field somewhere with Hailey dressed in a beautiful white lace gown. Here’s Justin turning photographer for his lady love:


The deal is being sealed with a kiss.

The parents-to-be.

It also seems as though the couple renewed their vows in the presence of a pastor.

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It’s time to welcome baby Bieber, ya’ll! 😀

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