Guy Cancels Date With Woman But He Was Emotionally-Matured About It Instead Of Ghosting

Nowadays, if you ask women about online dating, most of them would ask you to avoid it. Dating apps have become a joke, an ocean filled with emotionally unavailable or immature fishes. After talking to some people online, you will realize how the world lacks basic decency – people ghost you on dates, behave as though they are entitled to inappropriate pictures, and straight up ask you if you’re interested in one-night stands. Old-school love stories, where art thou?


However, one woman named Courtney was incredibly lucky to come across a very emotionally mature guy on a dating app. They had planned to go out on a date but the guy wasn’t in a good mental space because a lot was going on in his family health-wise and he started talking to someone he dated in the past because she knew his entire situation. So, he decided to give her a long explanation about why he wouldn’t be able to go out with her, as he didn’t want to ghost her.

Have a look at his full message here:

“Received a text today from a guy who I had plans to go on a first date with, and it dawned on me while reading, that this man who I never met nor dated, had more respect for me to even send this text, than any man I’ve ever actually dated,” the woman wrote on X, sharing the screenshot of the guy’s message.

She even thanked the guy for being so respectful towards her. Here’s what she replied:

Several people online lauded the man for being so considerate, transparent and articulate about his emotions. We truly need more men like him, they seemed to think. Here’s what some of them said:

Emotionally available men, for the win!

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